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Finance Your Next New or Used Car with DCH Kia of Temecula

We Keep Estimating Your Monthly Payments Simple

Have you decided to drive home a new Kia? Perhaps you plan to go with one of the many used cars, trucks, or SUVs from our extensive inventory here in Temecula CA. Either way, all you have left to do is figure out whether to go take out an auto loan or sign onto a Kia lease.

If you're a frequent commuter down in Escondido, or you've got long-distance travel plans down from Riverside through Lake Elsinore to Perris, it'll be a good idea to avoid mileage restrictions by taking the ownership road rather than leasing. Decide to do that, and you'll find we offer many flexible loan options to your out-of-pocket low. You can pre-qualify for a loan if you're concerned about your credit or cut straight to applying for one online -- it's that easy.

But before you do, there's another handy tool you can use to get a feel for what to expect -- our easy-to-use payment calculator. Just input your vehicle's sales tag, your down payment amount, the interest rate you'd prefer, and a prospective payoff term. It'll provide instant results regarding where you may stand on monthly expenses.

You may be wondering "how do I value my trade in all this?" or "what are the details of a Kia loan?" We'll bet you might even have questions about leasing a Kia here in Temecula. We're here to help! Feel free to call or e-mail us or drop in at 26799 Ynez Road for some face-time. You can locate us in a snap, too, using our Get Directions tool. We'll be glad to meet you!