As spring rolls in, you are going to want to be sure your car or SUV is ready for the season. We know that automotive maintenance can be a pain. That's why our professionals are here to help. Here are just a few of the services you should consider handling at our Temecula dealership this spring.

Tire Rotations or Replacements

Tires take a major beating throughout the winter months. This is why the first thing you may want to do when the weather gets warm is have one of our professionals check out your tires. We will inspect them and let you know if you need a simple rotation or a completely new set. With the amount of driving the spring and summer seasons entail, you will surely get great use out of this service.

Brake Inspections

Road trips become a lot more popular when spring rolls around. Whether you are heading out for the weekend or just a day trip through Temecula, you need to be certain your brakes are working just the way they are meant to. Common warning signs of worn-out brakes include:

  • Grinding or Squealing When Braking
  • Pulling to One Side
  • Vibrations Felt in the Steering Wheel

Other Automotive Needs

The first two services are highly important. However, we want to point out some smaller services that you should still keep in mind during your spring visit. Windshield wipers are vastly important in the spring due to all the rain this season brings with it. Spring also means that it will be warm soon, so you may want to get your AC checked as well.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today

Regardless of what brings you to our shop this spring, you can be sure that your visit will be a success. Call or utilize our online service scheduler to get your appointment in the books. The professionals at our service center are here and ready to get your car running just the way it should.

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