Since the alternator in your car is an important source of power, you should know how it works. This part works in conjunction with the battery, so if one part doesn't work properly, then you'll usually notice a decrease in power or a complete loss of power while driving in Temecula, CA.

As the magnets located inside the alternator spin when the car is running, they send electricity to other components so that you're able to drive. The battery is charged, which then allows for starting your car and operating the lights and other electrical components.

A regulator inside the alternator keeps the current from getting too high or too low as either range could result in the part not working. DCH Kia of Temecula can check the voltage of the alternator if you suspect that there is a decrease in power before you travel long distances, especially if you have noticed signs that your car doesn't want to start or dimming lights.

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