About Vehicle Recalls

The vehicle manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that a vehicle has a mechanical or safety issue necessitating correction. Once detected the manufacturer typically alerts owners of the problem and the need for a cost-free repair. The NHTSA website also lists current vehicle recalls.

A recall notification includes a description of the problem, the possible risks that may occur due to the defect and warning signs of the malfunction. The letter also typically includes how the defect must be remedied along with instruction concerning what owners must do.

Vehicle recall owners must make an appointment with a dealership to have the repair performed. The work must be completed within 60 days of receiving the letter. In rare instances, an owner may not receive notification from the manufacturer, which is a good reason to check the NHTSA website. The manufacturer is still obligated to make the repair.

Should you receive a recall notification, schedule an appointment with one of our Temecula, CA DCH Kia of Temecula technicians.

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