Automotive Pet Hair Control

Many vehicle owners enjoy taking short or long trips accompanied by their four-legged best friend. Pet owners also know the hassles of interior upholstery covered in dog hair. There are a number of ways to combat the problem and make clean-up a little easier.

Simply covering the seat where the pet rides with a flat bed sheet protects the interior. At the end of the journey, simply remove the sheet, shake it out and replace it. The sheet is also easily laundered should the pet track in mud or become ill. Brush the pet thoroughly before the trip to remove loose hair.

Using a balloon is another option. Inflated balloons are known for having static electricity. Simply rub the balloon across the upholstery to catch and remove the hair. Vacuums often come equipped with nozzles featuring stiff or rubberized bristles. The tool is excellent for catching and removing pet hair.

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