What's the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer?

There are thousands of key terms and phrases that allow drivers to better understand the hundreds of moving parts in their car. If car owners better understand these terms, they can get much more out of their vehicles. That is why we here at DCH Kia of Temecula located right here in Temecula are so excited to teach you all about the difference between what oversteer and understeer mean.

The difference in these two terms deals with how sensitive your steering wheel is relative to how much the driver turns it. A car that is prone to understeer means that you'll have to turn the wheel far much more than you would in a properly functioning car.

Oversteer has the opposite impact on a vehicle. If your car oversteers, it means that your car will turn much more with even the slightest movement of the steering wheel. This can cause drivers to overshoot their turns.

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