Hands-Free Internet with Apple CarPlay

In Temecula, much like anywhere else, accidents happen all the time due to people being distracted by their phones and tablets. While docking systems and the like aren’t new, proper hands-free interaction with your entire iPad/iPhone suite has never really been that possible until now.

The Apple CarPlay system offers a quick-to-see dash display as well as on-wheel controls and Siri’s award-winning voice recognition and assistant features. Now, with a simple command or press of a button by your hand, you can easily get maps, directions, make calls and reservations and get your favorite entertainment apps with full integration with your car’s stat of the art sound system.

Thanks to its iOS standard core, it’s compatible with most apps that’re safe to use on the road, and syncs up fine with your existing devices, meaning your entire portable computing lifestyle takes the ride with you.

This technology is still somewhat young, but it’s come a long way and with the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple standardizing these systems in leading new lines of vehicles, it stands to get only better in the future.

To see this technology in action and be wowed by the modern features it packs, come see us at DCH Kia of Temecula where we’re eager to show this off today.

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