A Safety Guide for Towing

We here at DCH Kia of Temecula located in Temecula, CA realize that safety for you and your family is your top priority. That is why we have provided you with a few tips related to safe towing.

First, make sure you avoid sharp turns when towing. It is much harder to turn a longer object and you risk damaging your own vehicle or others if not done correctly. Also, make sure to check the owner’s manual for the maximum towing capacity to make sure you are not attempting to tow something that's too large. Doing so could be harmful to your vehicle and could potentially cause an accident.

If you would like us to inspect your truck or SUV prior to your next towing or have any additional questions about safe towing practices, then be sure to either give us a call or stop on by to see our experienced service team at DCH Kia of Temecula at your earliest convenience!

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