Dusty, Musty Smell? It's Probably Your Cabin Filter

If you're in your vehicle and you begin to smell a dusty or musty smell, if might be time to replace the cabin filter in your vehicle. This filter is responsible for maintaining the quality of the air inside your vehicle by filtering the air that comes through your A/C and heater.

Another sign that your cabin filter needs to be changed is decreased air flow when the heater, air conditioner, or fan is turned on. There's simply too much dust for the fan to function properly and this is difficult for your fan's motor to overcome.

It might be time to change your cabin filter. If you think it is, come by DCH Kia of Temecula. We're conveniently located in Temecula, and we're more than happy to check your cabin filter. We'll also check your engine filter and all the other regular maintenance while we're at it.

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