The Fuel System Needs a Responsive Fuel Pump

In order for your car to run, it requires an even and constant input of fuel to the engine. The fuel pump serves this purpose, but if it is not working correctly, the engine will not receive the fuel it needs to run consistently. Once the fuel pump begins having issues, it will sooner or later fail, and the vehicle will then not be able to run.

Possible indicators of fuel pump issues can be if the engine sputters while driving at a consistently high rate of speed. This can indicate that the pump is having problems sending a steady stream of fuel to the engine. If the vehicle suddenly surges when the gas pedal is not being depressed further, then this can also indicate less fuel making it to the engine.

If you believe that your vehicle is having fuel pump issues, then we here at DCH Kia of Temecula in Temecula, CA can help detect any possible problems. Make an appointment today and bring your vehicle in for a thorough service check.

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